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Lithium-ion Battery

Explore the power behind our lithium batteries and discover how our materials can elevate your battery technology to new heights.

Our Solutions

Platform of Japanese Technology

Technology is developing day by day. We can support your own development by brand new technology from Japan.

Technical Consultancy by Japanese LIB Company

Supporting cell design, machinery design, Operation optimization by consistent experience from R & D to mass production.

Supply Chain Management Solution

Secure the supply chain is one of the most important factor for LIB Industry. We have strong negotiation & logistic efficient with bulk amount.

Flexible Business Support

We have much experience in business development, finance, investment, etc. Based on your requirement, we can support all your business flexibly.

Material Selection


High-quality Synthetic and Natural Graphite for optimal conductivity, Silicon for enhanced energy density, and Silicon Oxide for superior battery performance.


NMC for balanced energy density, safety, and cycle life, LFP and LMFP for sustainability, higher energy density, and wider temperature range.


LiPF6, EC, DMC, DEC, PC, EMC. Precision for enhanced battery performance.



Current Collectors & Tapes

Technical Consultancy

Cell Design in R&D

Optimization in

Data Optimazation for Material

Consistent Support

Solutions For Battery Pack

Lithium Ion Cells

  • High Capacity LFP Cells : Power type and Energy type
  • NMCA cells - 21700, 4680 and 4695 form factors

Passive Thermal Management Solutions

  • Polyurethane Thermal Conductive Potting with Flame Resistance
  • Thermal Cushion for high thermal requirements