About Us

Product development and a global production system that are one step ahead of the times
CBC is the proud owner of GANZ & COMPUTAR world’s two most trusted brand for CCTV Equipment & Lenses respectively. CBC has over 200 products in its optical lens line-up under brand COMPUTAR and over 1500 products in its equipment line-up under Brand GANZ to respond to diverse needs of Video Surveillance. Using our own extensive global information network, we gather live market information which we use to establish an integrated system from product planning & design of manufacturing. Our credo is Monozukuri that is sensitive to changes in needs and always stays one step ahead of the times. In addition to our original brand products, we also manufacture OEM optical lens products for OA equipment, electronics, and in-car equipment. CBC has group factories in Beijing, near Shanghai, South Korea, and Bangladesh, as well as partner companies in Japan and overseas, forming a global production structure. We strategically chose our production bases taking into consideration a balance between quality control in Japan and cost performance of overseas production:

Manufacturing bases: Japan, South Korea, China and Bangladesh

Main products: Optical lenses, security cameras, recording equipment, etc.