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Corporate History
Corporate History
In 1925, CBC was founded in Japan as a trading company with primary focus on chemicals. Since then, throughout more than 80 years of growth, we have followed a path of creativity and challenge.

We believe it's important to continue advancing into the unknown of tomorrow. Possessing the capability to read the trends of the times, we boldly take the first step in search of new possibilities.
  • Our employees envision future possibilities as they passionately pursue new challenges. This spirit has transformed us from a general trading company to a manufacturer and facilitated the expansion of our business from chemicals to pharmaceutical, electronics and automotive products. And furthermore, this enabled us to expand globally.
  • No matter how complete something may appear, there is always a "next level" to reach. Sure as tomorrow come, we know that even an ordinary day can mark the beginning of limitless possibilities. Like the dust that gathers in the universe to form new stars, we employ free and innovative thinking to focus our vast and detailed experience. The outcome is a new value that brings convenience, better health and safety to the people.
  • At CBC, we also view failure as a seed of success and an inspiration for future challenges. By perseverance and keen eye for detail, we strive to develop the energy required to attain greater success.
Our passion drives us to pursue extreme challenges.
Since the very beginning, it's the creative passion - in our DNA - which has energized the development of CBC as a company that creates new value. We intend to maintain our reputation as a company that always welcomes new ideas and challenges.