About Us

[Production of automobile parts and electronic device materials]
Gathering highly specialized technology in Japan, China, Southeast Asia and United States
Since 1990, CBC has started the EMI shielding production based on vacuum deposition technology. It is mainly used for electronic devices such as personal computers and mobile phones. Currently we also have an integrated production line for the secondary processing activities like moulding, coating, vacuum deposition (metal deposition and optical deposition), laser processing and printing to assembly. We established our position as an extension parts manufacturer for automobiles and electronic devices. Our production of reflectors for automobile lights made up of aluminum deposition has begun to take off well. Currently, we have one plant in Japan, two in Asia, and one in the United States providing highly specialized technology in the world.

Manufacturing bases: Japan (Mishima), China (Dongguan), Thailand, United States

Main products: Car interior accessories, car exterior accessories, reflector parts, magnetic shielding parts, mobile phone housings and parts, personal computer parts, digital camera parts, etc.