About Us

[Development support (Design and production of prototypes and parts)]
Supporting the development of new products to elevate the evolution of technology
In automobile manufacturing, which is said to bring together all modern industrial technologies, CBC’s Thailand-based FORMA Unit manufactures and provides prototype molds and parts to major automobile companies. We use world-class technological skills in this field, such as stereolithography. Stereolithography uses a laser on ultraviolet curable resin to mold precise 3-dimensional shapes. Selective laser sintering creates 3-dimensional models by fusing nylon and other resin powders with a CO2 laser into layers. Vacuum casting makes copies of shapes by injecting resin into silicone molds in a vacuum. FORMA supports the rapidly accelerating evolution of automotive technologies.

Manufacturing bases: Thailand (Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi)

Main products:Product development and design Support for prototype manufacturing and mass production by stereolithography, selective laser sintering, and vacuum casting